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All Systems Go – Ove

WEEK #1 

May 23rd  2021 

 Congratulations, for joining us on this amazing four week journey. In this session we rediscovered the importance of stating our purpose – shouting our why! Seeking out success will have some ups and downs, twists and turns, getting comfortable with the uncomfortable…but that’s all bearable when our why is well grounded and established. We also learn about cashflow systems, the relevance of cryptocurrency and the investor mindset. We also feature Watermine as an income system that you can use.


It’s Capital Leverage Honey! – Insights into Strategic Compounding    


May 30th  2021 

Awesome! You are back for session 2 where we focus on how you can use Capital Leverage strategically. Invest with a plan, buy back time and manage risk. You will also learn about our compounding tool (The Compound Coach ) to help you maximize your earning potential using capital leverage. N.b . The bonus is only available to persons who completed the survey in the specified timeline.


Networks Improve your Networth :How to Become an Affiliate Giant


June 6th  2021 

Ready to turbo charge your earnings? In this session we learn how to utilise free systems to build a value network and earn more in less time. You also get to engage with a Special Guest who is winning BIG. He shares his story and demonstrates how you can get started and win Big too!


Down to Brass Tax :

Action Action Action


June 13th  2021 

You made it to the final session. Congratulations! Here we decide to act…its now or never. All the key learnings, tools and insights are reviewed. You also get a chance to hear from participants who have begun to implement and hear their results! Camera, Lights and ACTION!

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